How to Connect your PS3 on the Home LAN Network?

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ways to Connect your PS3 to your PC on your Home LAN Network

 PS3 (Play Station 3) is a state of the art hardware unit. Its capabilities are always amazing. One of the important feature on the PS3 is the LAN and media server connection capability. PS3 has its own set of protocols, but it is very user friendly. The first time user will be completely amazed by its features, no doubt in that. Let's discuss on different available ways to connect your PS3 to the home PC.

Enabling media server on your PS3

First connect your PS3 to your LAN network. I hope everyone knows how to achieve this. If not do the following steps on your PS3

1..Settings-->Network Settings-->Internet connection (enable the internet connection)

2..Settings-->Network Settings-->Internet connection Settings (set up your internet connection here)

Once you succesfully set this up, follow step 3

3..Settings-->Network Settings-->Media Server Connection (enable this option).

After enabling the media server, you have 2 ways to connect your PS3 to your computer.

Method 1: Using Windows media player

1..Make sure you have windows media player 11 or higher version installed on your PC.

2..Open the windows media player and go to Tools-->Options-->Library

3..Now click on the configure sharing button.

4..You should see an unknown device now. Right click on that device and enable the device. This device is your PS3.

5.. Now browse the PS3 menu on your HDTV. You should be able to see your playlists from windows media player under the movies, photos and music categories.

Method 2: Using Windows Media Server

1..Download windows media server for PS3. I don't think this is a licensed software, but I tested this and it works great. You can download this from the link provided below.

2..Install this software and you will see all the folders and files from your computer on the PS3. Sweet.

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  1. Been looking for this information for a while. Thank you

  2. article that you created is very interesting, I love it. may be useful for us all

  3. Couldn't find a configure sharing button on Windows Media Player in the Options - Library area. :/

  4. The new version of windows media player is a bit different. The option to enable media play is available under the tab "stream", then enable "Automatically allow devices to play my media"